ecopod Wins iF Product Design Award

The ecopod is the world's first home recycling center with valuable iF Web Sitefunctionality and outstanding design in mind for everyday use in the home and office.

Congratulations to BMW Designworks for another iF Product Design Award - this time for the ecopod.


Conserve Energy, Redeem Money & Save The Earth

Use the ecopod redemption calculator to calculate how much energy you can save, or how many dollars your recycling is worth.



Order your ecopod

With an ecopod in your home or office, you will change the way you recycle. Place aluminum cans and plastic bottles into the top and step on the easy-step compaction system to store 50 or more containers. Place glass and other recyclables inside the top bins and you'lll benefit from clean effective recycling that your friends will admire. Order your ecopod today!


Get the 360 on the ecopod

You've seen the photos of the ecopod, but click here to see all around and inside the ecopod.


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